Be Informed. Seal Success. is a public education program supported by PCTC that provides resources businesses can use to raise awareness with consumer and government representatives about the benefits of pavement coatings and help correct false perceptions.

On this website, find tools to learn more about the benefits of sealcoating, new technologies, scientific research and more.


Consumer Education

While industry professionals clearly understand the benefits of pavement coatings, those outside the industry are not as well informed and may even have misperceptions about issues such as safety. Share the resources below to help them be informed, reinforcing the value of the products and services you provide.

Reducing Disease

Residential Cost Benefit

Lot Cost Benefit


Fact vs Fiction here.

Benefits of Pavement Coating here.


Background Articles

Understand Sealer Basics

Responding to Regulatory Reform Initiatives

How You Can Tell the Government About Burdensome Regulations


Resources For Government Outreach

Faulty science and misinformation from advocacy groups can drive local government representatives to pass ordinances that ban the sale and use of coal tar and other types of safe and effective pavement sealants. This all-too-common situation directly threatens your business and can happen very quickly. Take action now using the resources below to communicate the facts to your local representative.


Template Letter


Talking Points